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An aperitif delivering the aromas of the wide world for lunch.

"An aperitif with everything a good drink needs: body, texture, refinement, lightness."
Spirituose Oriental Déjà-Vu
Aperitif Moment Déjà-Vu
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Déjà-Vu – the essence of faraway countries. An homage to all explorers and cosmopolitans, who want to do more than indulge in the past. It is time for new moments. Create new memories.

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As an aperitif which has been developed especially for mixologists, barmaids und bartenders, it is a great honor for Déjà-Vu to have been recognized in prominent articles within the bar culture.

Special selection


Déjà-Vu Tonic
Déjà-Vu Tonic

5cl Déjà-Vu | 10cl tonic water | ice cubes | garnish: grapefruit, rosemary

Aperitif Rezept mit Weißwein
Déjà-Vu Antique Rosé

6cl Déjà-Vu | ice cubes | 4cl white wine | 4cl soda | garnish: grapefruit zest

Cocktail mit Déjà-Vu
Bouquet de mémoires

5cl Déjà-Vu | ice cubes | 2,5cl gin | 15cl rose lemonade | 2cl lime juice | garnish: pepper

Aperitif mit Rosmarin und Kupferstrohhalm
The Vintage Diaries

5cl Déjà-Vu | 6cl tonic water | 2cl fresh lemon juice | 2 dashes rose water | rosemary | apricot jam | garnish: lemon zest

Aperitif Déjà-Vu Tonic
Our Passion


A stylish start to a special menu. An exciting starter for the after-work dinner. An entrée to an inspiring evening. Déjà-Vu marks the beginning of the enjoyable part of the day.


In many countries it is good etiquette to serve an aperitif as starter before the meal. Especially in Spain, Italy, and France this tradition has been cultivated for a long time. Also, in Germany more and more people have discovered that appetizing beverage. But what exactly is behind this welcoming drink, what beverages are served as aperitif and what differentiates it from a digestif?


Traditionally an aperitif is offered before the meal to awaken the taste buds and stimulate the appetite. It also serves as a welcoming drink for the guests and bridges the time until the meal. Just like an Amuse-Bouche or an Apero it starts the social activities and, with its taste, it has the potential to take us to far away countries.


An aperitif is a light, mostly alcoholic beverage. A wine spritzer, a sparkling wine or a cocktail are, for example, well suited as an aperitif. There are rarely any heavy ingredients as for example milk or cream used, because the aim of the aperitif is to stimulate the appetite. Ideally the welcoming drink compliments the taste of the following menu. Otherwise there are no limits to the mixologist‘s creativity.


Besides aperitifs you can also find digestifs. However, you do not have to choose among those two kinds of drinks, because they are served supplementary. While the aperitif is offered before the meal, the digestif is drunk as nightcap after the meal. Coffee and tea are also good digestives.

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